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Welcome to Holger's Code!

Holger's Code is the new website from Embarcadero Delphi MVP Dr. Holger Flick to provide additional, efficient learning content about software development with Delphi and other programming languages. These are, in particular, JavaScript for Web development and Swift for native development on all Apple platforms.

Under construction

This site is still under construction and content is added step-by-step. In particular, I will do my best to add more content about videos that have already been published in the past. The sections about my books are also still being written and have not been published yet. Still, at some point this page will be a wonderful reference for all my textual and video tutorials. My blog will also move here sooner or later.

  • News about software development with Delphi

    You will get updates on language enhancements, new features, and everything else that goes on in the world of Delphi

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  • Tutorials, summaries, and key aspects of videos

    In the future, you will find notes for any videos that I publish on YouTube. Brief code snippets can easily be copied and transferred into your own source code.

    At launch, there will be little content on this page as I am not able to provide written summaries of all the videos that I have created so far.

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  • 5-Minute-Snacks

    A proven concept that I started in 2016 to convey little snippets of code on my blog that can be helpful in software development. It ended up becoming the motivation to create video tutorials.

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  • My books

    As of today, June 2023, I have published 6 (six!) books about software development with Delphi on various topics. You will find additional information on all books here, their table of contents, and links that will make it easy for you to purchase them whereever you live on the planet .