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TMS Training Days 2023 Session replays

For the first time in years, TMS was able to celebrate Training Days in-person again! This year, TMS introduced us to the city of Bruges in Belgium. It was a wonderful event with a lot of opportunities for Delphi developers to mingle and exchange their knowledge.

Aside from the social events, there were lots of training sessions with valuable content.


Sessions were presented by the best experts in their fields.

  • Bruno Fierens, CEO of TMS Software.

  • Wagner Landgraf, Principal Architect and Product Manager of Delphi libraries like TMS Aurelius and TMS XData

  • José León Serna, Creator of Delphi for PHP/HTML5 Builder and former Director of Engineering and Branch Manager at Embarcadero Technologies.

  • Dr. Holger Flick, FlixEngineering LLC, computer Scientist & author of many books and training courses about Delphi and TMS technologies.



Each session can be purchased separately, in case you do not want to purchase all sessions.

  • Wagner Landgraf

    • Anatomy of an HTTP server
    • Build your API with TMS XData
    • Single sign-on authentication with OAuth and TMS Sphinx
    • Building multi-tenant applications
    • OpenAPI and Delphi
  • Bruno Fierens

    • High DPI and VCL styles
    • Create cross-platform apps with TMS Miletus
    • FNC Components Architecture
  • José León Serna

    • Introduction to TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code
    • Remote Development with TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code Server
  • Holger Flick

    • Using FlexCel as reporting engine everywhere
    • Connect your database to TMS FNC Maps
    • TMS WEB Core with TMS XData backend

Where can I find this?

Simply go to the landing page located at More details about each session and purchasing options can be found there.


Learning, dining, and site seeing!

Wagner Holger
Bruges Bruges