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Delphi turns 29! Join us for the celebration!

To the Delphi community, February 14 is not only known as Valentine's Day (you're welcome for the reminder 😁), it is also Delphi's birthday. This year, it will turn 29 and Embarcadero -- Ian Barker to be more precise -- will be hosting a special webinar to celebrate.

As part of the celebration people from the community have been invited by Ian to join him. Not knowing who the other guests are, I will be joining him for a fun hour of Delphi chat.

Join us on Feb 14 at 1pm EST. I only that's 7pm in Germany -- all the other timezones will have to do some research The registration button below gets you to a website that does the calculation for you!

Hope you will join us!


Delphi celebrates its 29th anniversary in mid-February, and this year, we’ll be looking once again at how far Delphi has come and where it’s headed. Join us for the Delphi Anniversary Webinar to celebrate how far Delphi has come and how it’s looking ahead as it glances back at its original inspiration.

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