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Cherish the Past, Embrace the Future: Web development with Delphi and TMS WEB Core

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This week, I watched several technical sessions from Google I/O and React Conf 2024. Two conferences that contain a plethora of information about the latest trends in web development. It's fascinating to see how the web platform has evolved over the years, from the early days of static HTML pages to the modern, dynamic web applications we have today.

As a Delphi developer, I couldn't help but reflect on the evolution of web development and how it intersects with the world of Delphi. While Delphi is primarily known for its strength in building native desktop applications, the rise of web technologies has opened up new possibilities for developers. One such technology that bridges the gap between Delphi and web development is TMS WEB Core.

Bridging Worlds: Delphi, TMS WEB Core, and the Evolution of Hybrid Desktop Applications

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In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, the boundaries between different platforms and technologies continue to blur. One such convergence is the fusion of web and desktop applications, facilitated by powerful tools like Delphi and TMS WEB Core. These technologies enable developers to seamlessly integrate web components into native desktop applications, opening up new possibilities for innovation and user experience.

In this article, we'll explore the strengths of Delphi and TMS WEB Core, and how they come together to create hybrid desktop applications that combine the best of both worlds. We'll also provide an example of how to integrate a web component into a VCL application using TMS WEB Core, showcasing the power and flexibility of this approach.

In this upcoming video series, I will show you how to create a modern, responsive image gallery with TMS WEB Core. In addition, you will learn how to integrate the Pexels API. Starting with basic principles of web development using cascading stylesheets (CSS) including a detailed introduction of flex box, the new grid system, and cards. Floats are a thing of the past! We will also use the Bootstrap framework to create a responsive design. With regard to functionality, we will begin just to show a few curated images from one endpoint. At the end, you will create a web application that allows you to search for specific keywords and display the images in a grid with the ability to navigate between pages (pagination).

Results of the poll: HIW LIVE

I just wanted to give brief feedback on the results of the poll from the beginning of this month. It has become very much clear looking at the results that there is little interest in LIVE HIW seminars with the opportunity to ask questions.

Delphi turns 29! Join us for the celebration!

To the Delphi community, February 14 is not only known as Valentine's Day (you're welcome for the reminder 😁), it is also Delphi's birthday. This year, it will turn 29 and Embarcadero -- Ian Barker to be more precise -- will be hosting a special webinar to celebrate.