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Multi-tier, cross-platform data access and visualization in grids

Small Cover Learn to build and deploy modern, multi-tier data-driven Delphi applications for multiple platforms with the Visual Component Library (VCL), FireMonkey (FMX), and TMS WEB Core!

  • Become a VCL UI Grid Control Insider! Get to know TAdvStringGrid and its data-aware counterpart TDBAdvGrid in detail. Starting with basic examples, use HTML, insert images, export and import data, customize navigation and mouse-interaction. In-depth look at sorting, editing, filters, and grouping with real-world examples
  • Efficiently work with data from text files, embed it in your executable, or use FireDAC with SQLite. Write asynchronous, non-blocking code
  • Use vector images in your grid, browse ZIP archives, and export reports to Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF
  • Take the fear out of complex multi-tier Delphi projects!
  • Step-by-step you will learn to build a database, add a Web service, write clients for Windows, Smartphones, and the Web!
  • Learn how to deploy your Web services as Windows Services and manage them using a Web interface as part of your service
  • Test and add documentation with Swagger UI
  • Easily retrieve diagnostic information to monitor your services with Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)
  • Build Web and cross-platform desktop applications with TMS Web Core and the powerful TMS Miletus sharing the same code base

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