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Multi-Tier example for Customer Contact Forms

It’s awesome if you have learned all about a certain piece of technology: a new framework, a new component, a new version of Delphi… However, what good are all these technical details if you are not able to put them to use in your projects?

Welcome to a video course series that teaches using a real use case! Real-world Building Blocks will focus on topics that you might need sooner or later for one of your software development projects.

Nicely paced video tutorials that deal with one certain task or example that will serve as the base for functionality that can be added to your application. Holger’s Helpers will lift you over the edge to get to apply new technology. Theory is wonderful, but practice makes us all better software developers.

Delphi Web Services with TMS XData

This course will teach you step-by-step how to create TMS XData Web services in Delphi. The course is structured into topic groups and lectures. The total runtime of the videos is about 14 hours.

First, the main focus is to create a template that you will be able to use in all your future TMS XData projects. The template will get you set up to create Web services with: - configurable database connectivity, - server parameters in a resource file, - a modern UI with tray icon, - switching to deployment as a Windows service, - logging - access control using JSON Web Token (JWT)

This template will then be used to great a Web service for an example scenario. In this scenario, you will design a database, connect it to the template, implement the Web service backend, and then implement three clients. One VCL client to upload data from a CSV file into the Web service, and another VCL client to browse data from the Web service in a data grid and visualize it in a chart. The last client will be written in TMS WEB Core as an example for a Web client. All clients will implement user access control using JWT and a login dialog.